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Official DC Comics Batman T-shirts

We’ve selected the most awesome officially licensed Warner Bros. DC Comics Batman T-shirts because we’re here to ensure that you can lose yourself in the action-packed world of The Dark Knight, just for die-hard fans! With a wide range of the most creative Batman tees to choose from, whether it’s a graffiti-inspired design that shows the skeletal face of the Dark Knight, in a cool distressed texture, or an epic Bat symbol design that literally lights up the skies over the eery Gotham City, with Batman standing up on the rooftops keeping a watchful eye on the streets – you’ll find it below, and make sure to check out our Editor’s Picks to see what we’ve been wearing here at Geek T-shirts!

Editor's Picks

DC Comics Batman Call of The Knight T-Shirt

In this officially licensed Warner Bros. DC Comics shirt, it features the Bat symbol lighting up the dark skies of Gotham City with non-other than the Dark Knight himself looming large in a heroic stance. In this scene, the Batman is seen watching over the dark streets below on the lookout for criminal behaviour he can prevent. The t-shirt is a 100% cotton construction and also has a reverse design of just the Bat symbol lighting up the moody Gotham City skyline. The print is large and eye-catching and we’re sure it’ll delight all Batman fans.

DC Comics Batman Starry Night Style Painting T-Shirt

In this awesome graphical Batman t-shirt, officially licensed by DC Comics Apparel, it features the Bat symbol illuminating up the sky in style reminiscent of the fabulous The Starry Night by the late artist Van Gogh. He painted it in 1889 but it’s now been used in this authentic DC comics brand design to inspire this striking and awesome Batman graphic design. The Dark Knight is pictured on top of the buildings looking over the moody Gotham City streets with a great skyline in the background.

DC Comics Joker Arkham Origins T-Shirt

Whether you’re just a massive Batman fan or in my case, also a huge Joker fan, we think you’ll love this official DC comics design. Featuring the evil-looking grin of the The Dark Knight’s oldest rival, The Joker, in a fabulous side-lit design with the second half of his face disintegrating into an array of bat silhouettes. There’s an eery white faded background behind his head and the print is large enough to really catch the eye. There’s also a nice reverse design featuring a cool version of the bat symbol with Batman dissolving into bats around his shoulders.

DC Comics Batman Asylum Wrap All-over T-Shirt

In our last Editor’s pick, we’ve chosen this Batman all-over-printed shirt for its darker, more sinister design of Bruce Wayne as The Batman in a menacing pose and surrounded by a haunting array of red blood and scary skulls. We think that due its all-over-printed design, it really is a visual treat to onlookers of your latest, officially licensed DC Comics t-shirt. For the reverse of the shirt, the skull theme continues across the top back, with dripping blood forming part of the Gotham City skyline and ending at the bottom with a graveyard of skulls and the Batman symbol.

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