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Official Baby Yoda ‘The Child’ T-shirts

Welcome to our Geek Guide to the most awesome officially licensed Baby Yoda ‘The Child’ T-shirts. Here at Geek T-shirts, we’re the experts at selecting only the most awesome graphic t-shirts to feed your nerdy nature with shirts based on your favourite geeky movies, TV shows and video games. In this guide, we will be embracing the extreme cuteness of the one and only Baby Yoda who’s referred to in the hit Star Wars spin-off TV show The Mandalorian as simply ‘The Child’. Since the Disney show first aired in 2019, folks have been going Baby Yoda crazy for all the top merchandise and apparel and so we thought it imperative that we create a guide to best Baby Yoda shirts on the market today for your viewing and shopping pleasure. Whether The Child is snacking or sleeping, definitely two of his favorite things, he always manages to look like the cutest TV character creation of all time. As such, he looks awesome on t-shirts as well, whether it’s a cute Baby Yoda in a pocket, or a witty ‘snack time’ design, the selected designs below will have you laughing out loud into a galaxy far, far away in no time at all. And don’t forget to check out our Editor’s Picks section below to see which of these Baby Yoda t-shirts we’ve been wearing proudly here at the Geek T-shirts office.

Editor's Picks

Star Wars The Mandalorian Logo The Child Simple Portrait T-Shirt

For our first Editor’s pick of our Baby Yoda shirt Geek Guide, we’ve selected this adorable design. The Child is looking as cute as ever in his brown coat. His slightly tilted head with his trademark Yoda species ears gives the shirt an iconic appearance. It features the Mandalorian official logo at the bottom of the shirt, but it’s not overpowering, allowing for a large print of Baby Yoda to shine through. It’s available in Men’s and Women’s fit types and we’re pleased to say that it’s also available in seven colours, all of them dark shades. This was, we think a design decision by the artists at the Star Wars official store, some designs that fade out at the sides and base like in this one, look better on darker shades.

Star Wars The Mandalorian The Child When Your Song Comes On T-Shirt

For our second choice, we’ve selected this awesome and funny Baby Yoda shirt design. The shirt reads ‘When your song comes on’ and features a screen shot from the TV show The Mandalorian where The Child is preparing to use ‘the force’ to likely help out Mando and his companions get out of a spot of bother on his ongoing Star Wars quests. As well as The Child’s pointed fingers being noteworthy, is his trademark closed eyes that we’ve previously seen only with Yoda senior as he conjures up some magic moments. So why is this shirt so funny? Well, it’s linking this expression of enlightenment and ecstasy combined with that feeling you get when your favorite song comes on the radio or while you’re hanging out in a bar or a club, and what better t-shirt to wear the next time you’re out and about than this one?

Star Wars The Mandalorian The Child Floating Pod T-Shirt

For our third offering, we’ve gone for this this extremely cute and cool Baby Yoda shirt. First, we love the use of the Mandalorian official logo in grey across nearly the whole width of the base area of the shirt, we feel this is the best color way for the logo on darker shades. Second, we are huge fans of the pod that The Child floats around in. What a fabulous design it is – Baby Yoda looks so peaceful and protected in his pod and when it opens up to reveal his adorable big ears and eyes, you can literally hear the audience sighing in delight. This imagery from the TV show ports over to a t-shirt effortlessly and you realize that you really don’t need to see it in motion to get the emotion of the Baby Yoda character coming through. This design is also available on a whopping eight colors too, so no matter what your favorite t-shirt color usually is, you’ll likely find it on this one.

Star Wars The Mandalorian The Child Cute T-Shirt

For our fourth and final choice of the best Baby Yoda t-shirt roundup post, we’ve selected this this awesome design. It displays the whole body of The Child which when you look at many the most popular designs, is quite a rarity. So as a result, the design fills the space of the t-shirt well. The Mandalorian TV show logo takes center-base position in an electric orange, eye-catching color. Baby Yoda appears to be starting to hold out his left hand as if to shake it in a welcoming, friendly gesture. Above his wide Yoda species ears and green adorable head, are the words ‘THE CHILD’, we really like the typeface the artists have used at the Star Wars Store for this headline – It has a lovely thin, friendly, youthful hand drawn weight to it that we think adds an element of balance to this t-shirt’s overall graphic design.

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