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Official Lord of the Rings T-shirts

Welcome to our selection of the best officially licensed Lord of the Rings graphic t-shirts. We’ve compiled only the most awesome designs here together into one easy-to-read post so the next time you find yourself lost in the magical world of Tolkien’s Middle Earth, you can put on your best Lord of the Rings t-shirt! And while you take a view down from the Tower of Mordor, you can remove the ring to rule all rings and expose your awesome new t-shirt to all your favourite Lord of the Rings characters. Make sure to use your Middle Earth map on your quest, so as not to run into any cave trolls, or indeed, into Sauron himself! See which cool lotr shirts have been tickling our fancy here at the Geek T-shirts office by checking out our Editor’s Picks section below.

Editor's Picks

Lord Of The Rings Breakfast Second Breakfast More Hobbit Meal Plan T-Shirt

For our first Editor’s Pick, we’ve selected this officially licensed Lord of the Rings t-shirt. It reads ‘Breakfast, second breakfast, elevensies luncheon, afternoon tea, dinner & supper’ in the official lotr type face from the movie series. It’s a really funny reference to the daily ‘Middle Earth’ meal plan of a hobbit – just amazing to imagine how much food they put away each day! The design also features the silhouette of all of your favourite characters from the Lord of the Rings walking forward on their quest together. Furthermore, this lotr t-shirt is available in a wide range of ten colors and in Men’s and Women’s fit type.

Lord of the Rings Always Watching Orthanc Tower T-Shirt

For our second Pick, we’ve chosen this awesome licensed Lord of the Rings graphic t-shirt. Featuring the Orthanc tower in all its glory, this design fits well with entire Rings saga and for that reason is a popular choice among lotr fans alike. If you want to show the world the awesome, original logo from the movie series, with a spooky looking backdrop of the Orthanc tower base of the evil Sauron from The Two Towers book and movie, this shirt is an absolute must buy for you. It is available in small, medium and large sizes but right now, the only color available for this particular design is charcoal.

Lord of the Rings Middle Earth Map All-over-printed T-Shirt

In our third Editor’s Pick, we couldn’t resist but choose this all-over-printed officially licensed Lord of the Rings Map of Middle-earth t-shirt. It’s a sure fire winner in the Geek T-shirts office. There’s no need to select a color when choosing to purchase this fabulous t-shirt because its all-over-printed meaning the design of the brown faded map covers all of the shirt’s surface. In terms of sizes, it’s available in Small, Large, X-large and 3XL. The main draw of this lotr graphic shirt is the sheer level of detail in the map of Tolkien’s Middle-earth – It will attract fans of the saga to literally stare at your shirt at length.

Lord Of The Rings Fellowship Weapons Grid T-Shirt

For our fourth Editor’s Pick, it just had to be this fabulously funny officially licensed Lord of the Rings graphic t-shirt featuring an assortment of the Fellowship weapons. There’s the graphic of a sword with ‘You have my sword’ and an axe with ‘and my axe’ as well as an awesome bow and arrow with ‘and my bow’ in the lower right-hand corner. Centre piece is the ring to rule all rings and above that is the official lotr movie logo. We really dig this design and we’re pleased to find it available in seven colours as well as in Men’s, Women’s and Youth fits.

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