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Official Retro Vintage Star Wars T-shirts

Welcome to our Geek Guide to the best officially licensed retro vintage Star Wars graphic t-shirts available now. We’re the experts at selecting only the most awesome graphic t-shirts to feed your nerdy nature with shirts based on your favourite geeky movies, TV shows and video games. In this guide from a galaxy far, far away, we’ll be delving deep into finding out which are the coolest classic Star Wars t-shirts featuring all your beloved characters from the infamous movie franchise. We’ll be uncovering which of the classic officially licensed Star Wars graphic shirts are hot today, including funny takes on Chewbacca’s messy hair, to awesome Darth Vader Death Star and The Empire designs that die-hard Star Wars fans are going to love! And let’s be clear, by retro vintage Star Wars shirts, we don’t mean these shirts were pulled off an old Apple Mac from the 80’s, the following t-shirts are officially licensed Disney designs that have mostly been designed over the last few years and made to look retro or vintage, referencing characters and themes from some of the earlier Star Wars movies. Don’t forget to check out our Editor’s Picks section below to see which of these t-shirts we’ve been wearing proudly here at the Geek T-shirts office.

Editor's Picks

Star Wars Periodic Table of Elements Graphic T-Shirt

For our first Editor’s Pick, we’ve selected this officially licensed Periodic Table of Star Wars t-shirt. This shirt has been a big hit with our staff at Geek T-shirts as it cleverly alters the nerdy scientific periodic table of elements into representing all the various elements of the Star Wars galaxy. It’s divided into nine sections including the main Rebel and Jedi characters, as well as the Empire and even the bounty hunter characters. This awesome shirt design also features the names of the ships and even all your favourite droids such as R2 D2 and C3PO. It’s a real winner for die-hard Star Wars fans and it’s available in five different colors and in Men’s and Women’s fit type.

Star Wars Tropical Stormtrooper Floral Print Graphic T-Shirt

For our second Editor’s Pick, we’ve selected this officially licensed Star Wars tropical stormtrooper floral style graphic t-shirt. This shirt is specifically for fans of the soldiers of the Galactic Empire. Some might say that even stormtroopers on the dark side of the force can occasionally take a break to smell the hibiscus, and that can be celebrated in this graphic floral style design of the iconic stormtrooper helmet. This officially licensed Star Wars shirt is available in four colors of black, navy, asphalt and brown. Here at Geek T-shirts, we’ve been enjoying wearing the brown color as it seemed to match with the floral graphic print really well. It’s available in both Men’s and Women’s fit type.

Star Wars Rebel X-Wing Starfighter Corps Collegiate T-Shirt

For our third Editor’s Pick, we’ve selected this officially licensed Star Wars rebel X-wing starfighter corps collegiate t-shirt. This graphic design makes sure to add a little out-of-this-world fashion style to your wardrobe. Its artwork is intentionally made to have that vintage retro Star Wars shirt feel to it. The ‘Red Squadron’ Starfighter has an iconic shape to it, and it’s been a popular toy and poster artwork in the past, and now helps to make this vintage style shirt really stand out from the other popular Star Wars tees. Who wouldn’t want to brandish a cool looking Starfighter t-shirt the next time you pop to the coffee shop? We certainly dig this retro-style design a lot and we think it looks best printed onto a black color shirt of the five available colors.

Star Wars Darth Vader Build The Empire Graphic T-Shirt

For our fourth Editor’s Pick, we’ve chosen this officially licensed Star Wars Darth Vader building the empire shirt design. At first glance, the design is obviously representative of Darth Vader’s infamous black helmet. But look closer and you’ll see that this is an ingenious retro style graphic t-shirt design of an assortment of The Empire’s space ships such as the Tie Starfighters and the Executor, to the construction of the Death Star in his upper helmet being swarmed by Rebel ‘X-wing’ Starfighters. It also features an amazing row of stormtrooper soldiers as the mouth of Darth’s helmet. For these cool design elements, we’ve included it in our Editor’s Picks as it’s being creative while at the same time referencing the classic dark side of the force character in all his glory. It’s available in five colors and in Men’s and Women’s sizes.

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