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Math T-shirts

Calling all math fans and mathematicians! Our funny math geek t-shirts will make the perfect gifts or to wear yourself if you’re a math major, math graduate, math teacher, or a data analyst with a passion for cool, inspirational, math-themed clothing that raises a smile wherever you go!


Funny Math T-shirts To Laugh, Smile & Have Fun

Our funny and inspirational Math tees are just perfect as a birthday gift for computer programmers, geeks, nerds, software developers or math teachers that live and breathe math, algebra, equations and the times table. Welcome to the Geek T-Shirts' Math catalog.

Inspirational Math Messages

Here you will find an awesome selection of Math-themed tees that are often funny and inspirational in meaning, and also look great too! And make sure to take a look at our 'The Dad Angle, I'm always right' shirt - Your dad will just love it for a Father's Day gift.

100% Original Math-themed Designs

We enjoy creating 100% original designs of our funny math-themed tees across a 360 degree angle of math areas such as algebra, fractions, equations and more more! We love to provide our customers with hilarious and inspirational messages.

Math Tees Make Awesome Gifts!

They're also perfect to buy as gifts if your friends or loved ones love math as a hobby, for academics or as a profession - they're sure to love one of our nerdy math tees arriving at their mailbox. Mathematicians want to look cool, so they'll love a Geek T-shirt gift.

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