Programming is an ever-changing sector that gives coders a near superhuman power to continually change and update computer programs and apps. The list of things programming can be used for is endless, but the top few include all websites, mobile and desktop apps, traffic control systems, robotics, and AI including self-driving vehicles.

So in the continuously evolving world of programming, it’s important that coders remain up-to-speed with any changes to its protocols, standards, programming languages, and any important other developments in the field. In order to do so, there are many interesting websites and blogs specifically targeted at keeping coders up-to-date.

Many of the leading bloggers in the programming world have gained fame by continuously posting top-quality content online. They do so in the form of guides and of course, the latest tips and tricks that coders can implement in their latest projects. It’s also noteworthy that coders often have to revisit older projects and client work to also keep those updated with the latest developments too, so as you can imagine, the more seasoned a programmer becomes, the more coding breadcrumbs they leave along the way.

So in this Geek T-Shirts Store post, we’ll examine which are the best websites and blogs to hone your programming skills so you can keep up with all the latest news and coding tips.

1. My Programming Blog

Top of our list is this awesome blog that’s been ticking over nicely with fresh, coding tips and tricks since 2011. Its aim is to give value to all coders who need to figure out which are the best tools for coding and development today, and how to use them.

It actually all began on this website with the main blogger using the platform to store his own notes he had been collecting in his programming university lectures. It was in this, organic way, that his college blog became a well-known, ‘go-to’ resource for all individuals who were trying to sharpen up their code skills.

2. SoloLearn 

According to this programming blog, they are the fastest-expanding coding blog with over 22 million members using it to hone their skills. So as you can imagine, the website has sections for many or the major coding languages such as JavaScript, C++, SQL, Ruby, Python, C#, Swift, HTML, and of course CSS. 

SoloLearn is actually far from being a solo-learning experience, as it allows its users to work together collaboratively to discover new methods within modern-day programming languages. It’s through this communal approach to learning that you too can improve as a coder and make important connections within the industry.

3. David Walsh Blog

If you are just starting out as a programmer then you might not yet have heard of David Walsh. But to the more seasoned developers out there, you’ll know that David is a very well-known coder whose posts have often gone viral. 

His background is through working on the Mozilla Developer Network known as the MDN, and he’s best known for helping to improve their website almost single-handed, a real coding whiz who’s been more than happy to share his industry secrets in his successful David Walsh Blog.

4. Erik Bernhardsson

Another famous coder with his own programming developer blog is Erik Bernhardsson. He’s also a very well-respected figure and has made a name for himself in covering specific topics such as IDEs, Git repository, Microsoft Windows support, as well as naming conventions. 

What we like most about his blog is that it’s very user-friendly with its less-is-more approach to the design, it’s easy to navigate and become accustomed to. If you’re in a bit of a rush because of your coding client’s demands, you can find some fast solutions to your coding issues on Erik’s blog. 

5. Real Python

Python is well-known for being perhaps the most versatile coding language available. It’s been successfully used for a large number of desktop and mobile apps, software programs, blogs, all sorts of cool games, and AI learning programs too.

So although, it’s a blog specifically aimed at this single programming language, it’s a testament that this one is here to stay in the long run. If you are just starting out as a coder, we strongly recommend that you learn Python and this is a great resource to keep bookmarked as your go-to Python tips blog.